Tuesday, 30 May 2017

THE year that was! 👏

Educational Excellence Through Tourism, Hospitality and Events Trips and Experiences 🌍👌

It has been a busy year for Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management (THE) students; isn’t it always?  The students have run live events, such as The End Game, been nominated for national industry awards, observed demonstrations and welcomed a wide range of industry speakers, including those pitching for new staff at our careers event. Of course, some of our students weren’t with us at our main campus in Preston, but were instead on a year-long placement or spending their second year at our Cyprus campus, for example Sofia Nawaz.

One of the most valued sources of course enrichment are the various trips, which run through the year.  The domestic day trips are too numerous to list here but they included a visit to The Hotel Gotham, Manchester, and tour of The Lakes District’s heritage and tourism industry. 

                 T.H.E students experiencing a street art tour and workshop in Berlin - Banksy who?

However, the overseas trips generate the most excitement. Our students have had the chance to get involved with masterclasses and cultural exchanges in Europe as well as leadership development programmes and exchanges in Cyprus and China. The most popular oversea trips are those that are aimed at the whole group.  The destinations do vary but this year our first year THE students visited Berlin, the second years visited Iceland and the final years visited Cambodia.

                                                 Students at Taproh Temple in Cambodia 

                                      Students experiencing a cultural exchange in China! 

                                                         Students layered up in Iceland!

Our 2nd year students wrote blogs about their recent trip, here is one from Cassandra!

Our philosophy is that you cannot teach the finer points of the visitor and experience economy without offering visits and international experiences!  We want our courses to be great educational experiences that give a real understanding of 21st century industry and society. 
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