Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Melinda - My Academic Journey at UCLan

Hello, I’m Melinda a 22 year old student from Hong Kong. I was studying in Singapore for the past four years at Informatics Academy. Last year I graduated from the University of Central Lancashire with a BA (Hons) Management in Hospitality. Upon graduating I relocated to Shanghai, sending out my curriculum vitae to several employers. I found it challenging trying to find a job; however, through previous work experience, including a 6-month internship at the Singapore Mandarin Orchard hotel and knowledge gained during my degree, I managed to receive offers from Shanghai Disney resort and the Marriott City Centre Hotel. I really enjoy working at the Marriott Hotel in the executive lounge. I am enthusiastic to carry out my role and liaise with clients and guests. Initially I found the role challenging and it required me to think on my feet and adapt my problem solving skills. My manager and colleagues encouraged me throughout the process and after a short time I adapted to my new working environment and my confidence grew. In December 2015, one evening at work brought a very pleasant surprise! I was on the front desk and was amazed to see Louisa Jones, my professor from UCLan who awarded me my graduation certificate. We were both delighted to meet each other again and I told her my plans and visions for my future career.
Through my efforts I’ve been subject to praise from senior leadership and customers. I won awards for ‘Best Employee’ and ‘Best Service Spirit’ from the Marriott Headquarters in the USA. In April of this year, I was personally selected by my general manager to participate in the Marriott Group of East-Asia Junior Business Council organization. In May, my team and I successfully hosted the first internal event, for which we received strong support and guidance from the general manager.

Through my amazing opportunities and efforts, I was also praised by the Informatics Academy of Singapore. The Chief Operating Officer Dr. Ling and representative Mr. Tham went to Shanghai and invited me along to dinner. 
Initially I didn’t know which University and course to pick. Upon researching UCLan and learning about all the amazing opportunities they offer to their students, I knew that it was the University for me. The Hospitality and Tourism Management courses peaked my interest and after further research I decided to apply for Hospitality Management.

The lecturers made me feel relaxed and were all enthusiastic when teaching me, which had a mirrored effect upon my learning. There is more to the course than just textbook knowledge and lectures; you receive a hands-on approach through workshops and placements which provides industry experience.

I feel UCLan is a university that provide innovative learning styles compared to other universities and I’m glad I decided to study at this academic school. I would like to thank the University for allowing me to develop as a personal and learn where I want to go in my career.

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