Monday, 6 October 2014

Langham placement develops student's knowledge

During the third year of our International Hospitality Management degree students have the opportunity to undertake a 12 month industry placement.

Paulina Lukaszewska recently completed an internship with the legendary Langham Hotels group. She spent the first half of the year at Shenzen, China, before completing her placement in London.

During Paulina's time in both of the hotels she was exposed to a great diversity of experiences – social, cultural and work related. Paulina said: "In Shenzhen I was a Front Office Management Trainee. I rotated between various departments, interacting with staff and guests on many levels as well as familiarising myself with the tasks and responsibilities of supervisors and managers who I followed.

"In London I was a Langham Club Trainee. I learned and experienced the day-to-day operation of the club lounge, its relationship with other departments within the hotel and how it provided the highest levels of customer service to the club guests.

Paulina's experience of working in two very distant properties of the same hospitality brand gave her an insight into how standards and corporate culture are introduced and maintained in order to comply with the expectations of the Langham brand.

She said: "Working in London gave me an even more diverse experience, with 54 different nationalities working in the hotel and guests coming from all corners of the world. All of my international experiences in the past year have taught me to stay open minded, patient and empathetic.

"Most of all I've learnt not to generalise or stereotype any nationalities, as even though the people there may share a common culture, beliefs and attitudes in some aspects of life, they are all individual people with different personalities and that's how they should be treated.

"My experience was invaluable and I believe it has contributed a great deal to my personal and professional development."

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