Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Hospitality graduate makes giant strides

Anthony (2nd left ) with fellow THE Alumni
Our graduates pursue careers across a variety of disciplines throughout the international Hospitality industry.

Anthony Cardwell left UCLan with a first-class honours degree and has gone on to secure a position with a top London hotel. He recently returned to Preston to share his experiences with current undergraduates.

Anthony is proud of the progress he's made: "After graduating I became a Reception trainee for 12 months, before moving on to full front desk duties. I was then promoted into the supervisory role of Chef de Brigade. In 2013 I received a nomination for the prestigious AICR Receptionist of the Year Award.

"I progressed through three rounds of tests which including written applications and interviews. The whole process was similar to The Apprentice. I reached the final eight where there were more tests and interviews.

"I didn't end up winning, but I was proud to reach the final and I definitely learned more about myself during the whole process. My ability to analyse issues, solve problems and my communication towards guests all improved.

"My advice to anyone considering a career in hospitality would be to make sure you prepare properly if you're applying for jobs. Keep your CV up-to-date and list all your work experience. Know in your mind what you want to do, so you can tailor and market yourself to the jobs on offer."

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